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    As predictive analytics becomes a common path to business value,
    many companies are changing how they make decisions, operate and strategize,
    and we at SystemicsCode are here to help them.

    The Power of Predictive Analytics

SytemicsCode Predictive Analytics

Analytics has become a path to value. Having big data capabilities can help companies become more efficient and improve overall competitiveness. We have assembled a great team of big data specialists that are crunching large amounts of data to help data intensive organizations to maintain their competitive advantage.

Our services

Our solutions help customers to know what is happening (descriptive analytics), why it is happening and where it is likely to lead (predictive analytics), and what to do about it (prescriptive analytics).

Cloud Deployment

We offer pre-packaged, private cloud-based decision-making solutions customized to meet the operational needs of our customers

Analytics Support

Our predictive analytics toolset is complemented by full range of business intelligence and data visualization capabilities including interactive analytics dashboards, ad hoc inquiries, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting and real-time predictive intelligence.

Embedded Solutions

To maximize the transformative power of predictive analytics we have the posbility of embedding our technology into existing operational decision-making systems

Customized Solutions

Our Predictive Analytics applications can be deployed on a rich ecosystem of tools and big data platforms. We have the possibility of deploying our solutions on customezied configurations based on the customer's choice of storage devices, platforms, architectures, and network designs

“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.”
Jim Barksdale

former Netscape CEO

Our specialized predictive anlytics services and products

SystemicsCode offers big data software solutions and service targeting the following verticals:

Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

Human Resources Predictive Analytics

Human Resources Predictive Analytics


Healthcare Big Data Analytics

Custom Data Projects

Custom Data Projects

SytemicsCode Mobile AD Platform

A powerful tool for Brands, Retailer, Agency Creatives and Mobile Application developers to leverage the rich information that context provides to create highly targeted audience segments. We offer a Private Mobile AD Exchange system in that guarantees Publishers and Brand Advertisers the quality of the inventory by:

  • Controlled environment with mobile ads sold through carefully selected agencies and advertisers.
  • Providing full transparency of buyers and publisher control.
  • Premium inventory with added contextual information.
  • Performance AD targeting using predictive analytics, machine learning and related artificial intelligence techniques.

Contact us at info@systemicscode.com to schedule a demo for our system.

"Private AD Exchange and Network"

Why to choose us

When a situation is a complex mixture of objective facts and subjective beliefs, there is no way other than through logical inquiry, statistical treatment and objective intelligence for us to comprehend what is not readily apparent. We have the skills, experience and big data tools to help our customers to:

"Without data you're just another person with an opinion"

W. Edwards Deming